Our clinicians have a variety of interests and areas of expertise which allow them to offer treatment for various types of clients, offer expert testimony for the court, offer training for groups as well as offer consultation and supervision to others on specific cases.

One of the most common myths of therapy is that it is only for those people who are mentally ill or those unable to help themselves. Rather, most people can benefit from therapy. In fact, most therapists themselves have gone through personal therapy and many prominent therapists recommend returning to therapy on a regular basis. Although therapy is a powerful way of helping people who are struggling to get by in life, it is also a valuable resource for people seeking deeper relationships, more authentic living, and greater life satisfaction. In other words, therapy is for anyone desiring growth or healing.

Therapeutic Services

Capital City Consultants offers a variety of therapeutic services and our costs are standard and do not vary from clinician to clinician. We do not accept insurance as we wish to keep your information fully confidential. We can offer you an insurance quality receipt (Super Bill) so you can file with your insurance company for reimbursement. If your organization has a contract with Capital City Consultants, then the contract dictates the price of services.

Individual Therapy

Family and Couples Therapy

In-home Family Therapy

Skills group

Group Therapy

Appointments not kept and not canceled at least 24 hours in advance will be charged to you at 50% of the rate for the service and the time scheduled. Insurance will not cover these costs. Exceptions will be made in case of hospitalizations or extreme illness documented by a physician.

Consultation Services

Consultation services include Clinical Supervision or Consultation on a specific case. This can include expert testimony for court as well as training being offered.

Court Testimony