Christa Smelko, PsyD.

Christa Smelko PsyD

Dr. Christa Smelko is a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Montana and Colorado who focuses on a variety of topics in Forensic and Clinical Practice. She serves as the Director of Psychology for a highly specialized child/adolescent psychiatric program. She also performs psychological and neuropsychological services throughout Montana for a Medical Genetics Departments related to neurocognitive and neuropsychological deficits secondary to congenital malformations and deformations, in utero exposure to toxins, and metabolic diseases.

Dr. Smelko is the co-founder of two thriving and well-established Forensic practices. She has provided valuable information to the Trier of Fact through both written report and expert testimony and has been deemed an expert witness across states in the general areas of Neuropsychology, Clinical Psychology, Forensics and Family Law. Further, based on her objective stance, she is consulted with by multiple referral sources, including prosecution and defense counsel, regarding topics such as Involuntary Commitment, Mental State, Fitness to Proceed, Death Penalty, Adult and Adolescent Violence and Sexual Risk, Trauma and Abuse, Neuropsychological Deficits, Parenting, and Dependency and Neglect. Due to her level of expertise, she has also provided education regarding clinical and forensic matters to a vast audience including lawyers, college students, clinicians, community agencies, and consumers both locally and state wide. She has also helped develop national standards with respect to clinical competencies to conduct various types of Forensic evaluation.


Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY 2989 –Colorado and PSY- 400 Montana)
Montana Sex Offender Treatment Association – Full Clinical Member
American Psychological Association
International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services
American Psychology-Law Society
Legal Information Institute-Cornell Law School
Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

Services Offered:

Psychological Evaluations and Assessments including but not limited to risk, competency, disability, fitness for duty, medical psychology, neuropsychological evaluations, and mental health assessments.
Clinical Supervision and Consultation
Individual Therapy (across the developmental spectrum)
Specialization in Child Psychology


Christa Smelko – CV.pdf

Bowman Smelko, PsyD., ABPP

Bowman Smelko PsyD ABPP

Dr. Smelko is a licensed psychologist in the states of Montana, Alaska and Colorado who is Board Certified in Forensic Psychology and is a member of the American Board of Forensic Psychology and the American Academy of Forensic Psychology. In addition to being a Board Certified Forensic Psychologist, he is part of the Examination committee for the American Board of Forensic Psychology, which reviews written samples and conducts oral interviews of those aspiring to become board certified forensic psychologists.

Dr. Smelko has served as the Director and Clinical Director of highly specialized Forensic programs and has been the CEO of two well established forensic practices. He has been deemed an expert witness in the general areas of competency/fitness, criminal responsibility, parenting, child and adolescent, sexual offending, sexual abuse, clinical psychology, and forensics. Dr. Smelko works for multiple referring sources throughout the country and has testified on the forensic topics of death penalty clemency, insanity, competency, involuntary commitment, sexually violent predator, sexual recidivism, placement options, child adolescent risk, juvenile transfer issues, custody, dependency and neglect, voluntariness of disclosure/Miranda rights, eye witness identification, memory, and child sexual abuse. Dr. Smelko has provided testimony to Federal and State courts and to legislative bodies and has provided information to the Trier of fact on multiple occasions through written report in which testimony was not required.

Dr. Smelko is a highly regarded member of the psychological and forensic community. He is hired regularly by both prosecutors and defense attorneys alike, with rare opposition due to his objective nature. Dr. Smelko has educated a vast audience in the areas of forensics and clinical matters including attorneys, judges, law enforcement, college students, clinicians, and consumers on the local, statewide and national stages. As a result of his knowledge and expertise Dr. Smelko has been appointed to serve on the Local Advisory Committee on Mental Health, was appointed by the governor to serve on the Suicide Mortality Review Committee, and more recently was given the honor of being on the faculty for the examination committee of the American Board of Forensic Psychology. In addition Dr. Smelko co-chairs the standards committee for the Montana Sex Offender Treatment Association, has assisted in the development of a risk measurement tool, is on the Montana Sex Offender Taskforce, has developed and implemented highly specialized forensic facilities, and has been consulted with by professionals in multiple states with regards to forensic, mental health and correctional settings.


Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY 2788 –Colorado, PSY 394 Montana, PSY 132475 Alaska)
American Board of Forensic Psychology
American Academy of Forensic Psychology
National Register of Health Care Providers
American Psychological Association
American Psychology-Law Society (Division 41)
Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Intensively Trained
Pain Management
Montana Sex Offender Treatment Association- Full Clinical Member

Services Offered:

Individual Therapy with highly dangerous and unmotivated individuals
Supervision and Consultation in the areas of Forensic and Clinical Psychology
Sex Offender Therapy
Psychological/Forensic Evaluations and Assessments including risk, custody, competency, insanity, disability, medical psychology and mental health assessments.


Bowman Smelko – CV.pdf